Aveho® Odor Removal Technology


Aveho® Odor Removal Technology

Stinkiness is a part of everyday life and can cause embarrassment and unwanted attention. You stink. I stink. We ALL stink… at some point in our lives. Some more than others (you know who you are). Traditional odor control solutions such as air fresheners, activated carbon, baking soda, antimicrobials or other complex chemical systems all have a number of limitations. We’ve accepted those limitations because these products usually help lessen the stink and make it more bearable. We didn’t know any better…until now.


What is Aveho - Odor Removal Technology?

Aveho Odor Removal Technology is an engineered material consisting of micro-sized particles that capture and physically bind odor-causing compounds, or catalytically convert the odor molecules into non-odorous molecules. Impressive huh? For those of you technically-challenged folks out there, here’s a translation: Aveho is really cool, really tiny stuff that makes stink go away forever!

How Does It Work?

Aveho® Odor Removal Technology mimics processes found in nature, where there are strong bonds between metal atoms and amino acids. These amino acids can break down to form numerous odors. Aveho interacts with these odors through its natural tendency to bind with nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur (the smelliest stuff in the world). This interaction removes the odors from the air.

If you have a nose, Aveho technology can meet your odor removal needs. It can be used in a wide variety of applications. Feel free to contact us for more details to discuss your target application.

12 years of research and product development

UltraTech’s new product is an odor removal solution (notice how we said “removal” and not “control”) that meets our customers’ needs while laughing in the face of these challenges (Not literally, our product is amazing but not yet able to laugh.) Over 12 years of research and product development by Kimberly Clark, the inventors, and UltraTech, have resulted in an innovation we call Aveho® Odor Removal Technology based on the Latin word ‘aveho’, which means “to remove or carry away.” (we couldn’t find the Latin word for “incredibly, unbelievably amazing, odor removal product the likes of which no one on Earth has ever seen”)

Whether at home, on the go, at work or any place where odors are found, Aveho® can eliminate them. Please contact us for more information or to learn more about how you can use this patented technology to solve your odor removal problems.


Don't mask odors, eliminate them forever !

As malodor-causing chemicals and Aveho particles come into contact, Aveho will capture many of them. Once they are captured, they will either remain bound to the Aveho particles, or they are converted into different chemicals that do not smell unpleasant.

Malodors being captured and bound.
Malodors being captured and converted.

How Does Aveho® Compare to Fragrance-Based Odor Fighting Products?

Many products that are considered odor eliminators, like air fresheners, do not eliminate bad odors at all. Instead, they mask or attempt to mask the bad odors with “pleasant” fragrances. Because everyone has a unique sense of smell, not everyone can agree on which fragrances are pleasant (except maybe bacon), and which are less pleasant or simply not desirable at all. And because we all smell things differently, the same masking fragrance may or may not cover up the bad smells we sense with our own nose.

How Does Aveho® Compare to Baking Soda and Activated Carbon?

Baking soda and activated carbon both absorb a large variety of smells. Which is great assuming those are all bad/unwanted smells! In fact, activated carbon absorbs both bad and good odors. Because these odor absorbers attract so many different odors, it is easy for their capacity to be used up quickly. This means a significant quantity of baking soda or activated carbon would be required to eliminate a specific, very stinky odor and would have to be changed out often. Aveho is selective odor elimination technology.

Different classes of bad odors, whether based in sulfur, nitrogen or oxygen, are specifically targeted by different types of Aveho. This means Aveho won’t get used up as quickly as baking soda or carbon, and has the potential to continue to eliminate bad odors as they are generated. Aveho also won’t absorb most positive fragrances, if you choose to introduce them. So if it’s “Pure Vanilla Joy” that you want, “Pure Vanilla Joy” is what you will get.

How Does Aveho® Compare to Antimicrobials?

Antimicrobial chemicals, aka antimicrobials, are designed to kill microbes. It has been shown that not all microbes are bad. In fact, many microbes are good, and help us stay safe and healthy (some hang out in your ears and whisper things like “drink more water” and “do some deep knee bends”).

When antimicrobials are used, they destroy the organisms that produce bad odors, and thus, if the microbes are dead, they can’t keep stinking things up (although you would think that rotting microbe carcasses would produce a stink of their own). However, these chemicals may also kill the microbes we want to keep around. Microbes create unpleasant odors when they excrete what they have eaten. (except they don’t use toilets – savages). Aveho targets the resulting unpleasant odors, but does not target the microbes themselves.

Many odors (smoke, some rotting food, pet odors, some body odors, etc.) are not derived from microbes. so antimicrobials have no effect on these type of odors. Aveho eliminates bad odors whether or not they were caused by microbes.

Key avantages

Capable of removing target odors, without affecting most desired scents
More capacity than activated carbon in most applications
Scientifically eliminates odors in air and liquids 
Removes odors without adding any fragrance
Does not release odors due to moisture or heat

Potential Product Applications.

Aveho® Odor Removal Technology is very versatile and can be used to treat any number of areas. Some possible examples include:

The refrigerator

Aveho odor removal was demonstrated in laboratory testing to outperform sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) for removing odors generated in the refrigerator (but you really should throw that pizza away – it’s not getting any younger).

The trash can

Spray Aveho odor removal under the lid, along the sidewalls, or onto the trash itself.


Sneakers, locker rooms, gyms, yoga studios, bowling alleys, skating rinks, martial arts dojos, and the list goes on. All of them are huge targets for stinky feet! Aveho odor removal was evaluated on a key chemical compound responsible for foot odor. Please contact us for further study details.


If you’re a crazy cat lady then you probably don’t notice. But for the rest of us, Aveho odor removal is the perfect solution for malodors from cat litter boxes, bedding, wet dogs, and areas they aren’t supposed to use as a toilet, but do anyway. Please contact us for further details.


Odors from the smoke of cigarettes, cigars, house fires, camp fires and other sources can be quickly and permanently removed by Aveho. So go ahead and light one up right next to those fancy-schmancy curtains in that fancy-schmancy room that never gets used. No one will ever know.


Whether it’s your turn to car pool the soccer team to and from practice this week, your locker room has reached dangerously funktastic levels or you’ve got teenagers (we won’t delve into what that entails), Aveho will “clear the air” and eliminate body odors from fabrics, spaces and containers.

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